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☆ The Life of Rurimiya ☆
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About me ...

I'm not so special really, so I guess this will be pretty normal for a profile. Here goes!

I've gone under several nicknames, but you can call me either Rurimiya or Marimo or An-Pan (yes, yes, like the food...). I was born in Montreal, Canada and I've never lived in any other city. I'm Vietnamese of origins and I turned 22 this year. I studied in multimedia arts in earlier years and now I'm majoring in Film Animation (technically, I'll graduate in 2011).

My mother tongue is Vietnamese (I speak it at home), but I was raised here in Montreal, so I speak French and English. I also learned Spanish for three years when I was nine, but I forgot most of it (a shame, I know... I wish I could re-learn it).
... About Arashi ...

I came to know about Arashi in September 2007. I watched Hana Yori Dango (the drama) and the theme songs were very catchy. Simply by searching on the Internet, I found out it was sung by Arashi. Voilà. Worked like a charm. XD

My ichiban is Nino (if that wasn't obvious enough on my LJ lol). I'm into animation, I'm a huge coffee drinker, I like it when the wind blows in my hair, I like opening envelopes with the letter-opener thingy (doesn't this thing have a name, by the way?), I'm strange and weird. I can be EXTREMELY immature at times and act like a kid. I look like a kid despite my two decades.
... and about my LJ!

Feel free to friend me at my welcome post! I love making new friends. :D And just so you get reassured, I'm not creepy. So come on over and I'll bring you some tea and cakes!!

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